Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 Day Photo Project


Someone you have the most fun with.

Every Wednesday night I am graced by the presence of 3 wonderful people. Janine, Ruth & Jaymin. We call Wednesday's Art Night. Mostly we craft, sometimes we just chat, every time we eat naughty food, laugh and have FUN! Last night we played Yahtzee and the week before made paper cranes! I VERY much look forward to Wednesday's Art Night with these people cause they ROCK!!!


A picture that makes you laugh.

Every time I look at this photo I giggle. We went to the Royal Easter Show in Auckland the month before Jase died. I was trying so hard to take a really cool pic of the kids and Jase on the Merry Go Round and Jason knew I was. So I have the camera aimed and ready to go when they come around next go *CLICK* and Mr 'I think I'm Funny' does this face! He thought it was hilarious I had to wait for the Merry Go Round to come around again for a better shot but I still love this one because it is so typically Jason being a clown!

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mandyb said...

oh YAHTZEE - i used to LOVE that game!!!! that brings back memories!!!
as for that pic of jase lol!!! what a laugh!!!