Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Day Photo Project


Your favourite memory.

Our Wedding Day

10 months ago if I was given this question I would have gone back and thought of a childhood memory or something like that. But Since Jase died my favourite memories rotate around him and of course our wedding day was a pretty darn important one! Jase and I were married in a garden in Kauri, just north of Whangarei. We had our reception at the Marist Rugby Club rooms. It was a fantastic day. We were married for 6 1/2yrs when he died. He was my whole life. I miss him terribly.

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mandyb said...

such a lovely pic!!!

ps love the one of the kids peeking around the tree too!!!

Natalie said...

I so love that you are doing this! Your blogs are unreal...just like you!

Always Loving My Sissy XxxX