Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family Events Update

Well what have I missed that has happened??

Well We got the Amazing photos back from Jason's Birthday. It was so awesome to see the amazing pics. Thanks soooo much Angela for the AWESOME job!!

Abbey had a Wheel-a-thon with her Kindergarten. They were raising money for Christchurch so the theme was Black & Red! We decorated up her bike and she had a blast riding around with all her friends!

And of course Riley's 6th Birthday! I made him a Rocket cake with sparkler candles. He got Lego, a marble run, a slinky dog and a trip to the movies for his birthday! He had a great day and so did the rest of us!!

There are a few things happening around Whangarei this weekend, weather permitting! So fingers crossed we get lots more cool pics to blog about then!!


mandyb said...

very cute the sounds of riley's birthday pressies!!!!

btw those balloon releasing pics are GREAT!!!

Jenny said...

It all looks so cute!