Sunday, March 6, 2011

NZ Book Month

Time for another book!

How Many Bugs In A Box - David A. Carter

I found this book quite a while ago and absolutely loved it! It's a counting Pop-Up Book, but the pop up bits are so much fun and interactive! I was thrilled to find out there are MANY bug books by David A. Carter and I now have Feely Bugs, Jingle Bugs, Birthday Bugs and Alpha Bugs but there are so many more! Check them all out HERE

My kids also love the Bug Books and I would LOVE to get some more, in fact mine are getting a little well used so it may even be time to replace the originals!!

Oh and Just for Alisa, David A. Carter made this into a Pop-Up Book too!!

Keep a check on what's going on in your area for NZ Book Month over HERE
Happy Reading Everyone!!