Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year & a Re-Vamp

For some un-known reason to me last night I decided I wanted to change my craft room around. It's actually not a room as such it's an area, it should be where the dining table is, a normal person would have put their dining table in here, but I am not all that normal and HAVE to have my Craft Space, and my Craft stash has by far out-grown the box in the cupboard. Anyway .... after the kids went to bed I put my muscles into action and started heaving furniture around and got stuck in a corner and woke up with several bruises this morning! I have done this once before at night when we lived in Pukekohe, you can read about it HERE. But at least then I had Jason to help me move the furniture around! At 12.30am I tattled off to bed with the most major pieces of furniture moved and the place looking semi done. I heard Riley say when he got up this morning "Holy" which is what he says when something amazes or surprises him at the moment, word of the moment I guess lol. I spent the rest of my child free time during the day sorting and tidying and putting away. And now just over 24 hours after I started my Craft Space is done .. and I LOVE it!! So here are the Pics

BEFORE .. and rather messy I might say! You can also see more pictures HERE

DURING .. when I was thinking OMG and was trapped in a corner for a while and had to climb under the table to get to the light switch when it started getting dark!!!

The way I left it when I went to bed this morning!

AFTER .. it looks sooooo good!!!! I Love it!

As I was re-arranging and tidying I also did a HUGE clear out, made a list of all my UFOs and my goal is to get them ALL finished! So now I'm off to start one hmmmm which shall I do!!!?????


Anonymous said...

woohoo looks fantastic, and LOVE the orange accents everywhere... very cool space to work in, wish mine looked like that! :)

Jenny said...

Looks very, very nice! It is really a great feeling to get those UFOs finished

Jenny said...

Oh, meant to add that the new look is great but the white font is a bit hard (for me anyway)

Nic said...

flipping awesome!

mandyb said...

hahahahaha i do this ALL the time and i have gotten stuck!!!! things have fallen on me!! and since i live alone i ALWAYS stuggle and curse as i injure myself doing it...but isnt it the greatest feeling when you are done and it is tidy!!!

wahoooooooo love the new set up!!! happy scrapping....and all the best for the UFO's!!! (i should be doing this too)


Jennie said...

Looks awesome tracy!!

Jen said...

I think its the time of year
I had a major clean up dejunk last week too :)
good on you :)