Friday, January 28, 2011


I DO NOT like making cards. For some reason I get a mind block when it comes to cards and I really struggle with them. So when there was a Better Scrapbooking card challenge I frowned ... a lot! But last night I sat down and made three .. yes I said THREE cards, for me that's AMAZING!

SO here is my Card for the Better Scrapbooking January Card Challenge:
Use Markers - Use them to colour your stamps, write a title or create a border. Lets see what you do with your Markers.

This could be a Valentines card but I am using it as a Wedding Card .. maybe lol who knows really! I don't have a Valentine anymore so I will put it to use somewhere! I used Making Memories Love Notes paper which I stenciled and cut Hearts from. I soo need a Heart punch!! Then using a white marker pen made the dotty border around.

The other cards I made are my favourite!

These were make with Making Memories {Note}worthy paper and I used my Stampin' Up Butterfly punch & stamps.
A while back on Facebook there was a 'Pay it Forward' thing going around, comment and I'll make something for you so long as you pay it forward to 5 people. Well I signed up so these cards will go with 2 of my 'Pay It Forward' items!

It is raining hard at my place today .. perfect weather for crafting!!!
Only 3 1/2 days until the Jan Challenges end at Better Scrapbooking head on over and join in!


~*~Ashlee~*~ said...

well done xxx
I hate making cards too!!! I like the Basic Grey card kits so I can be lazy, usually whenever I need a card I dont have any creative mojo!

Jenny said...

Nice cards! I also dislike making cards, but see them as mini scrapbook pages and it is easier

mandyb said...

I am SO with you on this one!!! i get a BLANK when it comes to making cards....and i have tried the...think of it as a mini scrapbook page...doesnt work ALL the time....
love the cards you made...they are cute

Anonymous said...

I love making cards! I've kind of left my scrapbooking layouts behind and just focused on cards - I think because I'm intimidated by all my photos, and because I can plunk out a card so much faster than a LO.

Great cards!! I really like how they turned out and especially love those butterflies! So pretty.

The British Homemaker said...

I'm not a cardmaker either, i wish i was, i'd save heaps of money!! lol

However, yours are just totally delish! I'm sure theres a secret cardmaker inside you! ;)