Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday

A few weeks ago I let Riley (who will be 6 in March) watch Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope for the First time. He LOVED it. Who doesn't? It's a classic film! It came out in 1977 (excellent year both Jason and I were born in 1977!) and kids of the 2000's are still loving it!! Today the weather has been horrid .. rain rain rain and a little bit more rain, it's so bad in fact I have just heard of friends house's getting flooding! Too crazy!! Anyway because of the weather we had a lazy afternoon watching the next two Star Wars movies, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and VI Return of the Jedi.

So here is Riley's Star Wars review ....
Mum - "so what you think of the star Wars Movies?"
Riley - "I liked the first one and the middle one but not the last one so much"
Mum - "How come?"
Riley - "the last one was scarier, but I liked it at the end when they had the party with the fireworks"
Mum - "Who was your favourite character?"
Riley - "I liked the little robot R2"
Mum - "R2D2?"
Riley - "yeah!"
Mum - "what was your favourite part of the movies?"
Riley - "When Luke lifted the rocket up out of the mud"

I never get tired of these movies and I am soo glad that Riley enjoyed them so much!!

Here are some REALLY cool Star Wars things I found that I hope the rest of you Star Wars junkies will appreciate as much as I did!!

*School Bag & Book Tags
*Book Covers
*R2D2 Beanie
*Storm Trooper Helmet
*Baby Yoda Hat

I could carry on for a millennium!! But I won't!! So until next Blog ....

May the force be with you!


PaisleyJade said...

My guys are Star Wars mad!

Nic said...

Star Wars rocks!!

Leonie said...

My son recently watched Star wars too and loved it!! We must get some of the movies on DVD for him I think.