Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Project

DAY 21

Someone you have good memories with.

My amazing cousin Marilyn!

We were BEST friends all the way through growing up. We spent EVERY school holidays together, wrote thousands of letters to each other and had some amazingly great times together!!

I think my favourite holiday was the New Years Marilyn, My Mum & Dad & I spent in the Bay Of Islands on the boat. That was the coolest holiday ever!! I wish I could have found some photos from then!!

Love that Marilyn chick and she and I sadly had to grow up, as you do, and now she is an amazing woman instead with a beautiful family.
Love you always xxxx

DAY 22

Something you wish you were better at.

SINGING!! I LOVE singing, but I can't .. not to save myself! But I love playing Singstar, and I love singing in the car and to the kids and Jase and I used to sing duets with each other, he was a slightly better singer than me but I wouldn't have encouraged him to go on NZ Idol! I really don't think I will ever be destined to be a superstar .. but I'll carry on singing in the shower regardless!!

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Unknown said...

sigh, I sadly was also not blessed with a lovely singing voice and would love to be able to sing in tune!!

Awesome photos of years gone by too, love the pic of you all gussyed (sp)

The South African Kiwis said...

I can't sing either, and certainly WON'T sing in front of anyone - if you ever want a laugh, stand next to me in church and try and harmonise with me...
What sucks though, is that The Man has perfect pitch. He was trained and sang for a provincial choir. It sucks how much that intimidates me!