Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Day Photo Project

DAY 20

Somewhere you'd love to travel.

The Grafton National Cemetery, West Virginia, USA
Not flashy or exciting. But the only place overseas I want to go is here to visit my husband's resting place to see it in person and lay orange gerberas at his grave stone so he knows I've been there.

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Unknown said...

Tracy, I hope you are able to get there sometime in the near future. I'm sure Jason would love seeing you place orange gerbras at his final resting place. I feel heart broken for you, and think of you often. You are an amazing person, and your strength is inspiring.

Leonie said...

oh gosh my friend, I have goosebumps and tears reading this. I hope that God provides the means for you to visit Jason's grave and put orange gerbras there.
Ive told you before and Ill tell you again, I admire your strength, you are incredible.

Natalie said...

Loving the idea of orange gerbera's resting with your wonderful Husband. XxxX

Neetz said...

(hugs) I am telling you now... if I inherited or won some money or had extra or whatever.... I would SO be sending you and your precious babies right there....in a heartbeat.
....!In a heartbeat!.
Love ya lots xxxxxxxxxx

mandyb said...

yip when i win lotto powerball this weekend....i'll send you there in a heartbeat!!! (with a blanket of flowers!!!!
and then you and i will shop our hearts out in a US scrapping store...and end the trip with some days at disneyland!!!