Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Day Photo Project

DAY 23

Someone who makes you laugh.

Mistress Abbey
She makes me laugh, roll my eyes and shake my head everyday! She says and does and wears the funniest things. She has so much of Jason's quirky sense of humour and personality it is heartwarming. She is adorable and hilarious and I love it!

DAY 24

Something you wish you could change.

That is easy ... If I could change anything I would have made it so Jason didn't go to work on May 15Th 2010. He would have come to the birthday party with us and still be here today.

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jacksta said...

great pic of the two of you...
Catch ya tomorrow!!

mandyb said...

cute pic of you and your girl!!!

and YES may 15th sux a lot!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx