Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Procrastination

It's 3 weeks until Christmas I have LOADS of gifts to make, crafts to do, things to organise and what do I do? Do I knock off several of the things on my TO DO List? No I do not I add two new things ... and spend the WHOLE day working on them and this I call Christmas Procrastination ... I did say earlier in my Domestic Goddess post that I was easily distracted right!!??
Well I had this idea of making Christmas T-Shirts for the kids last week. Yesterday I picked up a couple of red $4.99 T-Shirts from T'n'T and I thought I'd get some of that printable iron on transfer stuff. Well that was until I saw a T-Shirt my mate Hilary made for her son, that changed my mind and I decided to make the shirt decorations myself .....

Thanks Hilary for the inspiration!!! I like the Gingerbread Man one best, the kids both love them so that's the main thing! I have also decided when I have time (or want to procrastinate from what I SHOULD be doing) I might try doing some more plain T-Shirts the kids have in a less Christmasey theme, was thinking robots, monsters, fairies & Birds ... we will see how we go!!

Now back to work on the things I have on my list!!!


PaisleyJade said...

I just love them! The gingerbread one is so cute.

Hilary said...

Wow your t-shirts are awesome Trace! Well done! And such cute kids wearing them :-D