Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domestic Goddess - Dream? Or Reality? - UPDATE

Well I think for me this is actually a dream!! My house is not spotless, I have not had amazing dinners set out on the table at meal times and my husband is still not walking through the door .... but in saying this there has been improvement in some areas.
While my Daily schedule hasn't been followed perfectly (I blame being sick and the silly season) I have become more organised in the mornings. This is my Basic Daily Routine ....

7.30am Get Up

Get kids breakfast
empty and load dishwasher
Put washing machine on
Decide on dinner & get meat out
Make School lunch & pack school bag
Make sure everyone is dressed
Make beds & pull curtains
Clean up after Breakfast

8.30 School Drop Off
9ish Home again

Hang out washing
Clean one room in the house - each day is different mine goes
- Monday - Kitchen
- Tuesday - Lounge & Dining
- Wednesday - Bathroom
- Thursday - Bedrooms
- Friday - Craft room

now that means dusting, moping/vacuuming wiping benches etc so a GOOD clean, if I was on top of things and did this every week I estimate no more than 1/2 hour - 1 hour for each room

Abbey time until she goes to bed 11 - 12ish depending on if she goes to Kindy that day

While Abbey is asleep ME time, so it can be whatever, crafting, sleeping, reading, watching TV, Computer anything.

When Abbey wakes up - either Kindy drop-off or School pick-up time is again Abbey time

2.45 school pick up
3.15 - 4ish (depending on Kindy Day) Home

Afternoon tea
Bring in fold & put away washing
dinner prep & cook

5.30 - 6ish dinner

after dinner clean up from dinner
Homework if it hasn't already been done
watering garden

7pm bath time
7.30ish bedtime

And then again Me time

Now I DO NOT stick to that, obviously or I'd have a spotless house and 100% happy and content children and mouth watering dinners. Anyone who has kids knows nothing can be concrete, and there are often other things that need doing on certain days etc. One thing I have noticed though is I do pretty much get everything on the list done that needs to be done before School, pretty good achievement I think!! So maybe next week I can work on getting the before school stuff and the after school drop off stuff, and eventually by the end of next year I might be sorted???

Like I said I think me becoming a Domestic Goddess is a Dream - and hey Dreams are Free right!!???


Jenny said...

I wish I was more organised - my house is untidy and dinners get thrown together at 4.30 0r 5pm when I come in

Widge said...