Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kids Christmas Crafts

The kids and I had sooo much fun making a Handprint Christmas Wreath for Grandma yesterday! Was sooo much fun!

Here's what we did ...

Step #1
Make LOTS of hand prints! We used a lovely dark green colour

Step #2
While the paint was drying the kids punched out lots of different shapes with Christmas paper, we used a Star, a scalloped heart and a scalloped circle.

Step #3
Cut out all the hands

Step #4
From thick cardboard cut out a ring ... I used a dinner plate as a template

Step #5
Stick all the hands to the ring, I used double sided tape, making sure the fingers overlap the hands, then attach the punched shapes

And then it's all done!!


Jennie said...

that is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

oh that is the cutest thing sure grandma will love it


Leonie said...

that is so cool!!!

PaisleyJade said...

What a cool idea! Your kids are so cute.