Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Do you have any? We don't have many .. I wish we had more.
Jason and I started a Tradition when Riley was born. We took a Christmas photo of Riley to put on the Christmas card. It was inspired one year by my friend Jill who's Christmas card had her kids adorned in tinsel and ornaments and I LOVED the idea, so every year from then the kids have had a Christmas Photo Shoot and the favourite picture was on the front of our cards. Now my good friend Jennie makes Christmas CD decorations every year, one decoration for each kid each year, I thought that was a fantastic idea when she first showed me. This Year Jennie put photos on her Cd's and I was like OMG!!! And a new Christmas Tradition has being born for me! I am now going to make a Christmas CD Decoration each year with our Christmas photo! Here are the decorations I have made 2005 - 2010

Thanks so much Jill & Jennie for your inspiration! So what do you all have as Christmas Traditions? Share with me .. you never know someone might just start up a new tradition all because of you!!


Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

My tradition is to drink lots ;) Cds are looking awesome, fab job!!! but back to traditions i want to start planting a tree every christmas eve.

Fay said...

Wow they look great! What an awesome idea, I was trying to figure out what to do with a bunch of old CDs just the other day.

We don't have many Christmas traditions and I'd like more. Most of mine are to do with baking as thats what I like to do at Christmas.