Sunday, November 28, 2010

Domestic Goddess - Dream? Or Reality?

I've always wanted to be one, I always dreamed that I'd have a mouth watering dinner waiting and a spotless house when my husband walked in the door.
It never happened that way, I always wanted it to happen that way but well I'm just lazy! And I also get distracted REAL easy! On occassion it happened, but not ALL the time like I wanted it to.
I still strive to be a Domestic Goddess, even though I no longer have a husband to walk in the door. So I wrote up a daily scedule. I HATE house work, I never have time but my Mum keeps telling me if I do a little every day I'll be right so tomorrow MONDAY! I am going to try and become a Domestic Goddess, if not for Jase, for my kids, I don't want to be the lazy cake Mum, I also don't want to let my grief swallow me up, so writing about it makes me responsible for it ... right!??? I did say I was lazy and distract easy aye!
Another thing I want to do is become that fun Mum my kids had before we lost Jason. I really want to start having fun with my kids again so watch this space for a little idea I'm gonna make to help me with that, and any ideas .. ALWAYS welcome!


The simple things in life... said...

Great idea Tracey! I'm pretty crap at the whole domestic goddess thing too! I'm trying harder though! Can you post your daily plan, would be great to see someone else's daily plan/routine. I think of you often, hope you and your children are doing ok. Sending hugs your way :-)

scrappysue said...

i think we love the idea of being a 'goddess' - but a domestic? that's where the idea falls on itsh head! i'm easily distracted too!