Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Advent Roundup

I am loving this advent swap! Every day both my kids and I are so excited to see what is in my present. Miriam has certainly made me smile every day! I love the thought that has gone into each gift and the orange theme is classic!!

Day #5
If it has to be done it might as well be yum.

Yum is right!! I am not a big fan of cooking but I am giving these a good try! They sound delicious. And I ADORE nuts, I have to admit that bag was empty the same day I opened them!! So yummy!!!

Day #6
So Pointy

 I can NEVER have too much orange thread!! And I was just complaining that my needles were blunt when I was making my Advent presents! Perfect!

Day #7
For the days when large and loud are the 'flavour' of the day.

 Ok how cool is this recycled juice packet bag!! I have got to say it is one of the coolest things I now own!! And I am super glad that giant pencil comes with it's own sharpener!! Try putting that one behind your ear!!!

Day #8
For subtle hints of hope

 Orange essence ... smells sooooo good!!! And that star ornament is A.Dorable!! Did you make it yourself Miriam?

Day #9
Kick back, relax & take the easy way.

Mmmm jelly!!! I LOVE the orange cocktail umbrellas and the fabric is going to be on my pile of think of something cool to make pile!! It's quite perfect as my goal for 2014 is to learn to sew properly!

Day #10
You're just a softie really :)

So I think this has got to be my favourite gift so far! It is soft and snuggly and oh so cute!! I had to wrestle it off Abbey after I opened it!! I love cushions, I might even have too many ... na! There is no such thing as too many cushions!! I absolutely LOVE that fish fabric!

Day #11
Don't sit for too long in one position you'll get .....

This is the most adorable Pin & Needle cushion EVER!!! Love!

Miriam, I can't thank you enough! I am loving ALL these amazingly thoughtful gifts. I have been truly blessed this Christmas!!