Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Advent Roundup

Instead of posting every day about what Miriam has gifted me in the advent swap I thought I'd do a post every Wednesday instead ......

Day #2
Retro cup-o-tea?

I LOVE Orange and I LOVE Retro and this is just the best Tea-towel ever!!!!! It is going to look fabulous when I get my kitchen renovated!!, I actually think it's going to be too good to use .. it might end up on the wall yet!

Day #3
Ball of Joy all zipped up.

Jaffas!!!!!! mmmmmmmm YUMMY!!!
And an adorable little zip up pouch. It will definitely come in handy for my toiletries when I go camping! LOVE!!

Day #4
A bit of orange-advent-family time.

A GORGEOUS book called 'A Celebration of Christmas'. It is filled with Christmas songs, poems, carols, stories, prayers, recipes, jokes and activities! I am so in love with it. The illustrations are beautiful.
Along with the book were the ingredients to make a Christingle. I am going to get some oranges this week to make some with the kids, I just love the idea of the Christingle.

Thanks so much Miriam, all of us as a family are so enjoying opening these presents every morning and they are most definitely making me start my day with a smile!