Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Advent Swap Day #1

It was an exciting morning at our place this morning!
DECEMBER 1st!!!! That means the first of our Advent's get to be opened!!!

My kids have an Advent Tree that I made them last year. I filled it with little gifts and chocolates. I also have my brother and his 2 kids staying at the moment so since I didn't want them to miss out on the Advent fun I filled little brown paper envelopes with little gifts and chocolates for them too.

The Kids were all VERY excited to come in and open their gifts this morning.

And I got to open my first gift from Miriam too!! YAY!!

Miriam included an Advent Theme Sheet with the gifts.

Day #1
"Wrap me up in Orange the Christmas season is here"

The COOLEST Orange Washi Ticket Tape!!
I LOVE it!!! Thanks sooo much Miriam! I can see myself using this a lot!!!

Now I am off to buy a Christmas Tree and decorate the house!

Happy December 1st everyone!!!