Monday, December 9, 2013

Silly Season

Christmas is a really busy time of the year for most people.  It sure is for me. This year is a little bit busier than usual with various stuff going on. The short version is I have 2 of my nephews here and will soon have my Brother and his Wife here too.

I am LOVING having the kids and I am REALLY looking forward to my brother and sister-in-law arriving and staying with me.
Having four children in the house does make things a lot busier though!

So I apologise in advance for the slowness of my blog posts!

I am busy putting together teacher gifts and gifts for the Pippins and Cubs Leaders. I have Santa Parades and Summer Shows to write about. I have Advent stuff and Jingles the Scout Elf to tell you about too.

I'll get there I promise!! I have been taking the photos!!

So hopefully after I sew on a million (slight over exaggeration!!) badges onto My daughters Pippins Sash ready to get more badges tomorrow, and finish all the gifties I might have a little bit more free time to blog about it all!!!