Friday, December 20, 2013

Advent Swap Round-Up

opps!!! I forgot to do this on Wednesday!

Day #12
Good things start with B

Orange Fabric and Orange buttons! I actually already have a plan for these two items!!

Day #13
Frankly my dear, I'd like cake.

I LOVE this Frankie Magazine Afternoon Tea cookbook! It has some amazing recipes which I am totally going to try out for Christmas!
And I can NEVER have enough orange ribbon!!

Day #14
Beware the orange talons!

I Love nail polish. I used to always paint my nails. I haven't in such a long time. I think this is the perfect opportunity to start up again!! As well as all the AMAZING nail painting ideas on Pinterest!!
That Christmas bauble is too adorable!!

Day #15
I got layers!

When I opened this present I laughed so much! Layers!! A peeler!! Hilarious!
And I LOVE LOVE that bracelet! Gorgeous!!

Day #16
Walk this way

This present is so me it isn't even funny! I have always being a bit weird unique and when I was younger I had a pair of roman sandles, not because it was what we had to wear but because I wanted to have them. They didn't have any orange ones when I had mine, they were blue, but this notebook is too awesome for words!

Day #17
Here's to a hot day & 3 favourite colours

These water bomb balls are going to get a major workout when we go on holiday after Christmas!! I think the band aids might too!!

Day #18
An orange blast of retro past.

I love apricots. I'll begin with that! YUMMO
The Love Heart Lollies are hilarious!
And the postcards. Well ......

How can I even describe the beauty in these retro fashion shots!!!
I honestly can't wait to take these on holiday and send my friends postcards!

Day # 19
I've got my eyes on you.

Miriam you are hilarious!!
The little bag of eyes! Too funny, and I can think of so many projects to use them.  And thanks soo much for all the awesome orange fabric! I am going to have fun learning to use my sewing skills next year!

Day #20
Try a little flexibility.

I am very slowly trying to swap out all my kitchen equipment to orange. I have some hideous green stuff from when I first left home and went flatting! So this is such a great addition to my collection!!

Miriam I can not thank you enough! You are making me start my day with a laugh and a smile. I am blown away with the thought you have put into each gift and I feel so blessed!!

Go check out Miriam and her amazing blog Create Hope Inspire