Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Extra Curricular Activities - Part One; Scouts

My kids don't play sports. I am secretly pleased about that. I'm really not a sporty person. I never played sports and I'm not a big fan of watching it. Don't get me wrong, if my kids showed an interest in playing sport I'd give them all the encouragement and do the driving to sports practices and games etc and shout from the sidelines. In fact Riley did play Cricket for a season and I was at every single Friday night game cheering him on. Thankfully But he decided to not play the next season. Sports isn't something I would actively encourage my kids to get involved in unless they showed an interest.

My Kids are Scouting and Guiding kids instead.

I first got Riley involved in Cub Scouts because I thought it would be a great way for him to get some really good positive boy time. Living in a house with two girls the poor guy hasn't got much of a chance! Jason was a Scout as a boy and I know he would have been so encouraging and supportive of Riley becoming involved. (Jase also would have encouraged sports eekk bad me!!)

First night in his uniform as an invested Cub Scout

Scouts Salute

Riley has LOVED cubs. He has a really cool troop with 3 awesome leaders.  He has had 100% attendance (apart from one camp that he was ill for) He won a prize for awesome Fundraising and he marched in the Santa Parade this year.  He has grown confidence and has developed a great relationship with all 3 leaders and the bunch of boys (and the couple of girls) that go every week. 

Marching in the Kamo Santa Parade

I like the idea of scouting as it encompasses so many different things. They encourage outdoor activities and getting rough, tough and down right dirty.  All the things that Riley misses out on living with two girls.

ANZAC Day Dawn Parade 2013 Hastings

 Riley also learns many positive and important life skills. He learns discipline, respect & honour.  He learns if he works hard he can get rewards for his work. He learns how to work as a member of a team.

Riley's first Personal Challenge badge - Collector.

Through Scouting Riley will have the opportunity to go to lots of places and do lots of things that I wouldn't ever take him to or do with him.

I am a great believer of letting people know they are appreciated.  I have always given gifts to the kids Pre-school/Kindergarten and school teachers so I decided I needed to let the Cub & Pippin's Leaders know how much I appreciate the time and effort they put into the kids.

Riley has 3 awesome Cub leaders. Akela, Kaa and Chil.  All three of these men take time out of their personal time to be involved. They spend time each week and on many weekend events making programmes and doing activities with the kids.  These men don't get paid, they volunteer their time.

So like the school teachers I decided to put together an end of the year thank you gift for the Guys.

Using THIS nifty little idea from Pinterest I decided to make the guys their own personal Cub Leader mugs filled with goodies.  I really hope they enjoy their gifts!!

We have one more Cub night this year which is a combined Shared Dinner/Party with all the Scouting troops from Kamo. It should be a fun evening.

I really look forward to seeing what Riley's troop gets up to next year and since I am now on the Scout committee I can get more involved in everything that happens.

Stay tuned for Part Two .... Girl Guides!!


Emma Elliott said...

How great way to go Riley :) I am assistant beaver leader in.the uk and my son.is a beaver he goes up to cub when he is 8. I love it for him and l. I get as much out of it as he does.

jacksta said...

very cool. GO Riley!

Jenny said...

Excellent! You are so doing the right things for your children xxx

mandyb said...

he looks so smart in his uniform!!!