Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bad Blogger!!

Forgive me Father for I have Sinned ... it's been 8 days since I last blogged ...

Well today is the day of Riley's 2nd school visit at Pukekohe Hill School.

School visits are from 8.45am until 12.30pm. Last week Riley had a HUGE day. He went to school assembly shortly after I left. He got a bit overwhelmed by that and cried, the teacher took him for a little walk to settle him down. He also got to go Swimming in the school pool! He was very happy when I picked him up and his teacher, Mrs Masters, said he had a great day. Fingers crossed for another one today.

The only crafting I have done lately is for my first class over at Absolutely Crafty. I have completed 3 LOs and have another 2 planned. I'll share them all with you after my class :)

Apart from that life has been quiet. I am searching for a job. Money is tight and Jase and I have plans of owning our own home. To do that we need a second wage. Sadly with Riley heading off to school it makes things a little awkward. Firstly we can't afford before/after/school holiday care, and I personally would prefer to not have to use those services. So I need a job in school hours (9am-3pm) and preferably with the school holidays off. Sadly not many people are that flexible! And understandably so! But I am working on a few different options. Fingers crossed one of them works out soon.