Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catch Up ...

Uh Oh! I'm a little bit behind so I will do a quick recap catch up!!!

December 7th

Off on a end of year school trip to the Town Basin and the Pools with Riley.

December 8th

Abbey Entertained herself and Phoebe by reading through our Daily December!

December 9th

We finally got our Christmas Tree!!! YAY!!!

December 10th

Bye Bye Uncle Tony .. back off to Australia.

December 11th

It's really hot in the shop!!

December 12th

YAY!!! New Car!!!

December 13th

Abbey's end of year Dance Festival .. it was A.Dorable!!!

December 14th

Last Day of school and a mysterious letter from Santa telling of a Special package due to arrive!!

December 15th

Christmas Festival with some of my favourite ladies!

December 16th

Preparing for two new arrivals in our family tomorrow!!

I will try not to get so far behind again!!!!


Lisa said...

eeeee NEW CAR!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas :)

Leonie said...

Oh I love reading about your December Tracy! Yay for the new car! And your kids are as adorable as always. Can't wait to see you new arrivals!!!!!!

jacksta said...

mandyb said...

love this write up!!!
cute pics, cute kids
YAH for all these great things happening in your life at the mo!!!

xxxmerry christmas xxxx

Jenny said...

You're having family fun and that's what it's all about