Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 3rd & 4th

Opps!! I forgot to do my December 3rd post!!!

So yesterday was a pretty ordinary normal day. I did the school morning routine - make lunches, pack bags, take kids to school ... came home opened up the shop.
A courier had dropped off a box of goodies for me. In the package was the Basic Grey Aspen Frost Collection I had ordered. After opening the box all the plans I had made went out the window because I NEEDED to play with the new things!!!

It's so pretty and Christmasey!! I'm not usually a Basic Grey fan but I really like this collection.  I got a few Card kits so I pulled one apart and had a play. Absolutely LOVED it!!


It has been such awesome weather! HOT and sunny and Summery.  The kids decided that when I watered the garden that they needed watering too! I only managed to get pics of Riley since Abbey had got out of the water and dressed before I got my camera out!!

December 4th (today) has been a much more eventful and interesting day! 
My Art night girls, Ruth and Janine, came to play at the shop today. I absolutely LOVE these girls. They are funny, talented amazing ladies! I never get tired of hanging out and crafting with them!! 


I didn't get a picture of Ruth, and we are long overdue for a group photo!! But Here is Janine with the heart chip she found hehehe
Today we all got busy with bits and pieces. I made some Christmas tags for my Pinterest Craft swap presents. I also made a VERY long over due swap present.  A lovely lady, Kate, came in so I could help her make a Christmas present for her partner (he specified he only wanted home made gifts! LOVE that idea!!) I filled in my Daily December journal so it is up to date (until tomorrow!!) 

Last night my Biggest brother Tony flew in from Cairns Australia. Last time I saw Tony was when he flew over after Jason died, 2 1/2 years ago! He popped in briefly at the shop for lunch and then after school the kids and I invaded my Mums place to hang out with Tony and my nephew Zane and of course my Mum & Dad too!! Love Love Love my Big brother!!

Yes he IS that much taller than me!!!  Since he has been in Australia (far too many years for me to remember how long!!) He has worked in the mining industry. He bought both my Mum and I one of these adorable little Mining Rescue Lions! I just love him! And bonus points for the orange uniform!!


So all in all today was a pretty good one! Here's hoping the rest of December follows suit!!


Sandra said...

YAY for getting your crafty on, and wahooooooo for Bro visits

Jenny said...

Oh Aspen Frost is beautiful! You've had a lovely couple of days

mandyb said...

love that little lion!!! so cute!!!

glad you have your bro there...enjoy the time with him