Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 5th & 6th

It was a late night last night after having Art night so blogging two days in one again!!

 December 5th
Normal day, kids at school, me at the shop. Nothing much interesting happened.
After school we decided it was time to go get Riley a haircut. It was starting to get in his eyes so that is a sure sign of needing a haircut LOL

The barber was busy as and we were the last in line with about 6 people infront of us .. all kids ... all boys!! Everyone had the same idea as us ... haircut after school!
Riley was awesome sat still and nicely and there was A LOT of hair on the floor when he was done!

Riley LOVES his new hair. He keeps feeling the back of it .. "My hair is so soft Mum" hehehe and it was hilarious when he came in this morning and exclaimed "My hair is still soft Mum!" I told him it will take a while to grow out. Too cute!

Wednesday is Art Night!! Me and two of the most talented ladies get together and eat chips and dip and gossip craft. It had been 2 Christmases ago that we had a picture together so we decided that is was overdue to get one done. First Riley was our photographer, then Abbey. After that Ruth, Janine and I all had a go. It was a laugh out loud extreme event trying to get a decent photo!! I still giggle when I look at them today!

Before the girls arrived Riley practised his photography skills on me and Abbey. He even asked us to do different poses. Hehehe too funny!

At Art Night one of my jobs was to make a very special card for a very special friend who lost her Dad this week. 

Art Night as always was great fun and I got to bed late as always! Love my girls!!

December 6th
Today was the day of the School Triathlon. So this morning I loaded the car up with the bikes and helped the kids take them up to school.
I then went and picked up my brother and we went and bought me a new car!! I will talk more about that when I get the car next week.

Tony and I then went back to school to watch the kids compete.
Riley was up first. 3 Lengths of the pool, 3 laps of the bike track and 3 laps running.

My son is not athletic and he is definitely not competitive. I could never be prouder of my sweet Riley as I was today. He had the Triathlon of his life. He was a lap and a half behind everyone else in the pool but that massive smile didn't leave his face, one of the teachers pushed him on his bike 1/2 way around the course, and he was lapped on the bike by the group of kids that swam after him, after the 2nd lap of his 3 lap run the teacher asked him if he wanted to finished but he said no and continued on and did all 3 laps. He came out way last and he came out smiling. I am SO proud that he pushed himself to finish and I am so proud that he did it all with a smile!! So super super proud of my boy and his determination and persistence!
At the end he said "Man! That was exhausting!"

Abbey's race was much quicker!
One lap of everything. She also performed like a star and with a winning smile!

I feel like my kids are stars today!!!
Another great December Day!!!


Jenny said...

Excellent! So glad your kids are doing so well at school

Aren't you glad you asked me if I knew any scrappers up in Whangarei? And your art nights always sound so exciting

mandyb said...

love the triathlon pics...go kids!!!
and wahooooooo on the new haircut!!! love it