Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2nd

2nd day of December and the 2nd official day of Summer and what a stunning day it was!! For some reason my dear sweet son woke up at 5am ... and didn't go back to sleep! So after finally kicking the wriggling, squirming boy out of my bed to watch TV in the playroom I finally went back to sleep.  Sunday is our sleep in day. We usually stay in bed and watch What Now and get up at 10am. Even though What Now has finished for the year we still stayed in bed watching TV until 10am!! Then while we were eating breakfast my Mum & Dad turned up.
My Mum is my biggest motivator! She is awesome. So she kicked my butt and we got out in the garden, well the back of the shop. In between the back of my shop and the back fence there is a gap. Lately the gap has been taken over by nasturtium.  

I really wish I had of thought to take a before photo. It was seriously taking over the world back there!! So I put on my gumboots and Mum and I pulled heaps out and then I drenched the rest with weed killer.  This will be the 2nd time we have sprayed this plant. It died and then grew back. Sigh!

The wall I am sitting on was COVERED in this plant before Mum and I pulled it off! It was crazy!!!

After lunch the kids and I decided to look for a playground I knew was around but had never been to. So we went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine to the Whau Valley Parklands.
I don't know why I have never been here since we have lived so close for so long. It is such an awesome place!  MASSIVE field of grass, fantastic playground, lots of trees for shade and even some benches. It would be a perfect picnic location and I am planning on spending lots more time there with the kids. Best of all we can walk there!!

After coming back and drinking copious amounts of water (because it was so hot and we forgot to take water with us!) and having a rest we went off to do the boring weekly grocery shop. When we got home all the neighbours kids were running around outside under hoses and sprinklers, the kids begged me to go join them so of course I said yes!

I didn't get any pics of them playing cause I didn't want to hang over the neighbours fence with my camera hehehe but here are the drowned rats once they got back to get dry and dressed.

Fantastic Summer day!! I'm glad we took advantage of it because the weather is supposed to turn to custard tomorrow!!!!


jacksta said...

wow...I didnt know there was a play ground at Whau Valley.

What a super productive day.


mandyb said...

looks like a great day for sure!!!!

and posts below... (i am behind!!)
*YAH that on dec 1 you went to bed with a smile on your face...the santa , lights and trees/candy canes look great!!!
*love that advent calendar and your DD cover....go you!!!