Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

First day of December!!! The Christmas season has officially arrived in our household!!
It officially started at 6am when my son came in wanting to open his Advent Calendar for the day! WAY too early!! But after Breakfast at a more decent hour of the morning the kids got to open their first Advent calendar drawer

This year I have decided not to buy toys for the kids for Christmas. They will be getting different things than toys. They are both getting a kitten, Abbey will be getting a two wheeler bike and Riley a new scooter, that sort of thing. So when it came to the advent calendar I thought I'd do the toy thing that way.  So they got a collection of Squinkies, Littlest Pet Shop, Lego, My Little Pony, Star Wars etc toys! All in miniature!! They both LOVED their little toys and we went to the Warehouse in the afternoon to pick a little container to keep their advent calendar toys safe. They have the CUTEST little square lunch boxes that are just perfect for keeping little toys in!


After opening up the shop this morning we pulled out the 3 MASSIVE Christmas decoration boxes and started putting a few things around the shop. The kids loved putting the decorations on the little tree I got for the counter, and since we seem to have a surplus of Christmas stockings I thought they would look great on the counter too!

After lunch we started decorating the Living Room. No tree yet because we always buy a real tree from St John's Ambulance Station and they haven't got them yet. The kids did a pretty good job at putting stuff around the fireplace.

Also thought it was a nice opportunity to get a family pic, we haven't done one in a while. This was my favourite of several attempts!!

This year I remembered about the Santa light Jason bought back from America a few years ago and figured it was time to use him. I also put a couple of lit up Christmas Trees on the window sills as well. Our house is on a main road so I like the idea of having window displays.

So all in all a very successful first day of December! The sun was shining, I did some gardening and some shopping, hung out with my kids and my Mum. Had a great morning with some good sales in the shop while listening to Christmas music. Tonight I go to bed with a smile on my face.


Jenny said...

Nice decorations and great sale. My boys are getting foreign exchange for Christmas this year

Leonie said...

Hi Tracy ! *waves* your decorations look great! And your kids have grown wow!!!!