Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Obsession

I have a new obsession, which has taken up much of my time over the last week. Don't worry I am still obsessed with orange! But this new obsession can incorporate my old one. Let me fill you in with a little background story first ...

There is a good possibility that this year I may become a home owner. I have looked at a few houses and am doing some serious money and bank talking this week. I am so excited about maybe owning my own home that I have been thinking about all the amazing things I could do in and for and around the house. Renting is not cool. You can't make the house your own or do anything you want. I look forward to turning a house into my home and express myself in it. Of course there will be a focus on orange in my house! But I want my house to be somewhere that people come and say wow, this is totally Tracy's home!

Anyway ....

Last week I stumbled upon this blog HERE

I spent the next two days straight looking at every single post on that blog and I have been inspired beyond my imagination! EVERYTHING I look at in my house I imagine how I can make it better and prettier! I have ideas BURSTING out of my head.

This week I also succumbed and joined up with Pinterest HERE

The thing I LOVE about Pinterest is that you can pin any picture you like and then it takes you right back to the website. No 10 foot long bookmarks page anymore! It is brilliant, and also so many AMAZING ideas and another place you can spend a lot of time looking through!

So yesterday I went to the library and came home with these ....

And I have been getting inspired and learning how to do stuff too which is awesome! So today I started my first project, just a smallish project with something that has been sitting around in my craft room willing me to do something with it for a long while. That's all I'm saying just now so you will have to look out for my before and after post on that one!

So what are your obsessions or passions at the moment??


Sima J said...

Wow it would (and will!) be so much fun doing what you want with your own house! :-) I am trying to keep away from pinterest as it seems everyone who starts gets addicted to it .. I do like to occasionally peruse other people's though when they put up FB links etc :-)

Leonie said...

I so hope it works out for you.
And I cant wait to see the before/after project you are working on.
As you know..I am just a teeney tiny bit addicted to pinterest...just a little wee bit. LOL

mandyb said...

YAH for the house news....fingers crossed here!!!

as for these new with you on the pinterest one!!!

my obessesions....are the same as have been for ages...buying scrapping stuff, and GIRAFFES!!! lol!!!