Saturday, May 17, 2008

WARNING: Scrapping is Contagious

OK Today was a busy day. We had Paige's 6th birthday party. I had to cook something savoury to take and get the kids a sleep in and them up and dressed in their costumes for a 1pm party. Well I was late. Which is fine but them I realised I'd left the birthday present at home. Oh well you always have these days. The kids were so cute in their costumes I can't wait to scrap the pics!!! And I got ALOT! The party was at the local firestation and all the kids got to go for a drive around the block in the firetruck. Since I couldn't take photos of the kids and myself in the truck I handed the camera over to my good friend Sandra. Now let me give you a breif description of her. She's a scrapbook dabbler. Introduced to it by yours truely, but not totally all consumed or addicted like me!! But she understands my addiction because when I was off having fun in the fire truck she took these photos I guess I have trained my friends well in the art of scrapbook photography!! Not leaving out any details lol Paige got a lovely jewelery box that has all the bits and bobs to decorate it, her Mum, Sarah, said it must be about time to go round to Tracy's for some scrapping so she can help me do this box!! Haha That will be fun!! But tomorrw is serious work time!! I sanded and put two coats of paint on my clock so tomorrow I think I'll add another coat and make it glossy. I also have a bebo challenge LO to do, and I have a Fiskateers scraplift to complete so busy weekend for me!!


Nic said...

I want to see pics of you with the hot firemen LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you know Sarah & Paige?! Definitely the same Sarah & Paige that I know, as she is a volunteer firefighter and Paige's birthday is in May. Sarah & I were in the same coffee group - Ethan & Paige are the same age. Wow, what a small world!

Hannah (aka honeybumble from The Sketch Book)