Sunday, May 18, 2008


I feel so bad today. I started a while ago a 30 Layouts in 30 days challenge. There were 30 different sketches we had to use and I didn't finish. my 30 days came and went but I did not finish the challenge. I HATE not finishing things. I could go on about the fact that my photo printer ran out of ink and I still haven't managed to get any. I could also mention that the last few sketches just weren't speaking to me. But the truth comes down to the fact that I didn't finish and I feel stink about it!!! So my goal is to complete the rest of the sketches within a week once I get my ink for my printer, I have done 14 Layouts so I will have to complete the remaining 16 in 7 days! Think I can do it? I'm determined to!!! I will post here when I start so my 7 days will be monitored!!!
here is the link to the 30 sketches if you are keen to give it a go
Maybe you will be more successful than me!!!


Nic said...

aww you did so much better than me LOL I did like 9! I found some of the sketches had such odd shaped photo spaces it put me off a few of them. When do you get your ink from the trademe guy?

TracyP said...

The ink should be coming this week :) So things will get better!! I think the biggest problem is I have so many pics on the computer I want to scrap but have none printed!!