Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well I was determined to get the clock finished today, I had finished the painting and I spent the best part of the day printing out the little quotes and attaching them onto the little rolla-dex type mechanisim, then when I went to place it back in the clock do you think I could? No nothing would make it get back in it's little spot. Nothing. I used a metal kebab skewer and a little fork and pried and tried but nothing. I ended up breaking the mechanisim completley so I did this ... Ok have Lemons make Lemonade ... I pulled the mechanisim out and the clock part found a canvas and thought right I'll fix it and some how attach it to the canvas, have a canvas clock. Um no, turns out it can't be fixed. So now I have 31 quotes about scrapbooking attached to a little rolla-dex type thingy that doesn't work and a broken desk top clock. I am gutted, to say the least. Oh well it's not over yet!!! Watch this space!!!


Nic said...

OMG you hammered it LOL I'm giggling my fool head off over here!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Great way to recycle the ordinary into something great. =)