Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brick Wall

Well I feel like I've come up against a brick wall. The last few days I've been feeling incredibly uninspired to do anything. I think it has been known as Scrappers Block. I missed the first bebo challenge!! My first out of 23. I feel pretty stink about it cause everyone else did such a fab job, but I'm stumped. Everywhere I turn I hit walls. I pulled out some photos today and pulled papers out but nothing was flowing like it usually does. It may be that photos? It may be the papers? I'm just not sure? All I know is that my usual enthusiasim and desire to scrap has gone, hopefully very temporarily!! I remember reading a blog from May on Fiskateers on this very subject so I think I might just sift through and find it! Hopefully May's incredible wisdom will bring me out of my slump!!