Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting the groove slowly

I haven't had much luck with scrapping of late, had a HUGE scrappers block period, and the whole smashing clock incident wasn't very good!! But At least I am creating again. I have been trying to spend more "quality" time together as a family on the weekends, as we seem to have become a family of couch potatoes!! Today we spent the day at the Auckland Museum and feeding pigens at the Domain after our picnic lunch, it was a fantastic day :) And I have also been trying to spend more quality time with Jason, as I'm usually in the garage in the evenings scrapping, so I need to find time where I just scrap now!! Things are a changing in the Palmer household!! I'm not really sure how some women do everything, they craft, are wonderful parents, amazing wifes, their house is ALWAYS immaculate. I can do maybe 1 really well 1 pretty well and the others half-assed!! But anyway I digress away from the layout I did this weekend it was while doing this layout I got frustrated with the lack of Halloween scrapbooking stuff in NZ. Halloween has always been a big favourite of mine, and my friends and I Have been having Halloween paties for a long time. So of course marrying an American gives me an excuse to throw a big Halloween bash every year for the kids. So we will end up with a Halloween layout for each kid every year. So I NEED Halloween scrapping stuff!! And this is where I say "I LOVE THE FISKATEERS" I asked and 11 wonderful Halloween packages should be making their way to me!! I am sooo excited!! But I'm not a beggar and I don't expect something for nothing so there will be 11 NZ goody bags winding their way back to these generous ladies!! I am soo looking forward to making some awesome Halloween pages for the kids :)