Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Holly

Something Jason and I had talked about for a long time was when we had a house of our own we would buy a puppy. Jason was a major Boxer Dog fan. He had one in USA but she got stolen as a puppy. He had always wanted to replace her. I had been talking with Riley over the last little while about how when we bought our own house we would look into getting a puppy.
I have never owned a dog, never lived in a house where there was one so I decided to do a lot of research before I seriously looked into getting a dog. I researched, asked questions etc for quite some time. Just before Christmas I decided to go in and talk to the SPCA about our options and what they thought would be best for us.
We talked about how big the yard was, how active our family is, the fact that I would be a first time dog owner etc etc and then they showed me around and showed me these four little Labrador x puppies that they thought would be suitable for our family. Well of course I fell in love!! After a few adjustments to the back yard and a couple of visits to our house from the SPCA we bought our new family member home the week before Christmas!

She is adorable! And very naughty! But she is a puppy so I expect naughtiness! We named her Holly because she is a Christmas puppy. We started puppy school last week and fingers crossed I can teach her how to be a good girl!! She sure is growing like a weed, which reminds me that I need to take more photos!!

I think having a puppy was like having a new born baby again, I am sleeping better now but at the beginning man'o'man she was up so often at night! She is learning heaps, she loves going on walks and in the car. The kids ADORE her and she follows me like a shadow. Our cats, Bailey and Phoebe, pretend she isn't here, until she gets a bit close. Bailey actually chased her today, but in saying that he is still bigger than her at the moment!!!

I am very much looking forward to watching Holly grow and I know she is going to be a wonderful member of our family!


Jennie said...

Awwwww she is just too cute!! makes me want one!!

Jenny said...

She is very cute and with all the love that you are giving her, she will be a very loyal dog

PaisleyJade said...

What a cutie!! They are so like new borns at the start aren't they!! Love dogs - you will find her such an awesome addition to your family.