Friday, January 27, 2012

Garden Toadstools

Inspired by Pinterest HERE ......

I saw these and fell in love with them. I just recently found some wooden bowls hiding in my garage! Isn't it amazing what you can find if you have a clean out!! 

Last year we got a massive grapefruit tree taken out of the backyard. The tree was chopped up into firewood so I grabbed a few logs and nailed the wooden bowls onto the grapefruit logs. There was one big one and 4 little ones.
Then I got the kids to work ....

First they painted (orange of course!)

They did about 4 coats before it was orange enough for our liking.

Then they added the spots

Hmmm how many spots do toadstools have anyway???

And then we let them dry. We finished them over a day.

The finished product looked awesome! The kids and I were VERY happy with them. 

The problem of how they were going to stick into the ground securely was solved with drilled holes, liquid nails and wooden garden stakes. I put one stake in each of the small ones and 3 in the big one and then pressed them into the ground.

They are pretty sturdy and look awesome! This is the bones of the fairy garden corner I am in the process of making .. any suggestions of what to plant I'm all ears!!!

Check out how I inspired my friend Jennie to make some toadstools HERE. They are such a cute and easy little project!! 


jacksta said...

too cute!

Jenny said...

Those are fantastic and aren't you clever!

Rachel Kate said...

Great job-don't they look amazing!

mandyb said...

i so so love those...we have just done our playground at kgtn and now have garden area to do!!! am so showing them your little area!!!

love the art journal and cute doggie pics (posts below) so so cute!!!

Cat said...

okay you just inspired me too! We are in process of fairy garden and YES I have some flowers to plant that were given to me by another blogger:

A few good plants to start with would be:

Nepeta ‘ cat mint’ - good bushy border plant.... and a good alternative to lavender
California Poppies are a good one..... they will continue to self seed every year, once you have them, they pop up everywhere!
Nigella ‘ Love in the mist’ ( the white star looking one in my photo of flowers ) Has cool seed pods after they flower
Holly Hocks – for a bit of height... they are bi annual flowering
Corn flowers – the deep pink flowers in the photo, they come in many different colours and grow to about 40 – 50 cms in height
Antirrhinum ‘Snap dragons’ kids love these, you can actually make them snap.
Then plenty of pansies and violas to ramble under the borders.

Lainie said...

Oh man, am I kicking myself!! I told Dh I didn't want 'those' old wooden bowls thanku very much....damn. I love what you've done.