Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I {Heart} Whangarei

The Whangarei Town Basin has always been a favourite place to go. The playground has got to be one of the best around town. The shops are awesome down there. The cafes and restaurants all really good.

Fairly recently in preparation for the Rugby World Cup the Town Basin became the Hub of Whangarei and got a big makeover. The bus station was moved there, new stores and art galleries were opened.  The old bridge was turned into a Canopy Market. The waterfront walk got new pathways and sculptures and it just looks so amazing.

We have been spending quite a bit of time down there lately. The kids enjoy riding their bikes along the walkways and Holly is allowed down there on her lead. The playground is always a hit with my kids too.

I sure love the Town Basin, and I sure Love my home town Whangarei too!!

So how many new places have you been in your home town lately?!


jacksta said...

always a fav with us

Neetz said...

yay... love walking along there and playing on the sculptures <3