Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Charmed Life Challenge *update*

Way back in September I started the Charmed Life Challenge. A list of charming things to do to make my life feel better.
So here's what I've done .....

#2 Put something beautiful on a blank bit of wall you see everyday .... My baby girl made these pics at Kindergarten (see all about it HERE) and I love love love them sooo much I had to get frames for them and hang them in her room!

#24 Hold a Baby ... My old neighbour's in Pukekohe, Sue & Brendon, had a baby so we went to visit awww she was sooo cute and I got to have cuddles ALL afternoon, got me clucking like a hen, Riley was totally in love with the beautiful little Pacey, I couldn't get over her hair!

#10 take care of a nagging life admin item ... This is the dumping box of mail and kids artwork that had been collecting up over a few months!! I Finally sorted the boxed and filed everything away! Felt sooo good to get done it!

#1.Give something broken a new life ... It wasn't exactly broken, but it was a bit rusty and I certainly gave it a new life ...

#19 Buy Flowers for your Home ... I wish I could do this every week!! I LOVE flowers, even better would be if someone else bought them for me hehehehehe

#4 Send a thank you note, for anything ... I sent one of these to My Uncle and one to a friend ... My Uncle told me it made him cry! Nawwww!!

#20 Make a recipe from a fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you've never cooked before ... over Christmas I made HEAPS of new dishes I had never made before, some were a major success some not so much!

I am hoping to get a lot more of the challenges done this year. I am going to try do one a week so wish me luck!!!


Jennie said...

man you have done well!! when i read the charmed life challenge a while ago i thought hmm might do some of that and i have done nothing, well done you!!

PipStarRose said...

Awesome! It was you who inspired me to put one in the SAVVY mag and do one myself- thanks x

mandyb said...

great list of things to do, and love that orange stool!!!! cute!!!