Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday's Work

Today I finished ONE thing!! I finished putting together 9 packs of paper scraps for a Fiskateer Swap. While I was putting this together I decided it was time to sort my scraps. I have a whole file cabinet with 10 drawers for my scrap paper. I have a different colour in each drawer and for the stuff I can't colour sort, it's all in a pizza box. I love scraps!! They are great for making titles from, punchies and other tids and tads. Well I got this hairbrained scheme while I was sorting that I was going to punch all my "too small for anything else" scraps into flowers. So I started. I have alot of pink and red flowers now!!! SO I'm going to take an educated guess in saying the next few of Abbey's layouts are going to be adorned with many many little flowers!! And I haven't even finished punching yet!

How Crazy can one person be!?

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Nic said...

how crazy do I think you are??? hmmmm well I've seen your purple PJ's....