Sunday, June 22, 2008

I got Tagged!!!!

I have been tagged by Nicola -

10 Years Ago - I was 21, having a year off work to help my Dad with his spinal injury recovery and rehabilitation. I would also have been getting ready for my 21st Birthday Party and my Dad's first time home since he had his accident!

5 Things to do Today - fold laundry, vacumn, tidy desk, wash hair, SCRAP!!!

Snacks I Enjoy - BBQ Kettle Chips, Onion Dip, Sweet Chilli Fily mmmmmm

Things I would do if I was a Millionaire - Buy my own Scrapbooking Store, also buy a house in America and NZ and spend half a year in each country

Places I Have Lived - Whangarei, Auckland, Orewa and Whangaparaoa

Right now I get to tag some friends - so I tag YOU! Paula and Veronica!

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Nic said...

awww YAY! thanks for playing along!!