Friday, June 20, 2008

Home At Last

I should have left a message to say "I'm going away for a week" but I didn't, so here I am saying "I'm Home" instead!!!
My brother who lives in Australia came over for a week with his family so me and mine headed up to my Mums (2 and a half hours drive) to spend the week. We had 11 people camped out in my Mums house. 5 of them kids! My family were camped in the garage, half of my brothers family was in the spare room and the other half in the camper van parked in the drive!! We were short of hot water and had turns at having showers!! It was a bit crazy but I had a great time bonding with my 3yr old nephew who I hadn't met as well as my new sister-in-law! I can say I am happy to be home though and I can't wait to scrap some of these awesome pics I took over the week!