Monday, June 9, 2008

Moving Scrap Space!!

It has been getting cold!!! I mean it should be it's Autumn almost Winter even. It has been bad for my scrapping though. Been in the garage is FANTASTIC in the summer, nice and cool, and I can just open the garage door and let the cool breeze come in. Well now it's FREEZING in there. Over the last few weeks I have hardly even ventured into my scrap space, it's just been too cold. I miss scrapping though, so tonight I had a brain wave!!! Move. So I did. I Moved my table and the most important bits into the living area. Now I can scrap, watch TV, be close to my hubby, kids and computer and most of all it's WARM!!!!

So expect to see ALOT more stuff from me now!! I have had word that my photo printer ink was posted to me yesterday so the first thing I'm going to do is use some of my new Halloween Goodies!!!!! Bring on the Orange and Black!
I'm so excited if it wasn't so late I'd start now, but I must be patient. Tomorrow isn't that far away!!!


Nic said...

that looks a great set-up! Bring on the scrap-fest!!

kristine said...

about time you moved your scrapping stuff inside. i want to see a LO a day from now on NO EXCUSES lol