Wednesday, May 29, 2013

At Long Last

Life is so busy.

Blogging has been neglected.

I plan to remedy this.

How about right now?!

I have much to blog about. I want to tell you about our holiday away to Christchurch and Hastings. I want to talk about my house renovations. I want to tell you about the craft show I took the shop to.

Today I will start with a simple post. A simple post about some love I received. It was VERY unexpected love. It came at a great time. It made my month.

I got home one day last week to a package at my door. I had had Hubbys Death Anniversary just pass.  We were dealing with a bit of a family crisis in my extended family. The package was timed perfectly.

The Sisterhood. I had heard of them, but knew nothing much about them. So I did a bit of research. I was most humbled with this beautiful gift of love. To whomever nominated me thank you, so very much.

Go check The Sisterhood out!

Join in with the love giving. I certainly will be!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sisterhood!


jacksta said...

yay you!
Very deserving :)

MandaBurms said...

What a lovely sisterhood movement. And some wonderful teats in there.