Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Spring Day ~ I {Heart} Whangarei

Saturday was such an AMAZINGLY beautiful sunshiny day! We had a busy day planned.

We started out at Kensington Park to watch my 4yr old Nephew, Liam, play Rugby. Watching the little guys play is so fun and darn adorable! They have tags attached to their belts and instead of tackling to get the ball, the kids grab a tag instead. It's fun and fast and Liam LOVES it!!

And what a day to go watch him play because he got Player of the Day!! Whoop Whoop!!

We all went back to my Mums place after Rugby and had lunch then Mum, My kids, my Nephews Luke & Liam and I headed out to the opening of the new Porowini Avenue Road extension. They had the road open for the public to walk along and we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity to walk along the road!

I love how now when they build new roads and bridges etc they try to make them prettier. I really loved the designs along the bridge sides. The kids decided they looked like Doves.
We also had to stop and support Morningside Primary Netball Team by buying some food and drinks at their sausage sizzle! (The fact that my good friend Nadia and her kids were manning the stall had nothing to do with it!!)

After the road walking we headed down to the Town Basin for a good play and wander. The thing I love about the Town Basin is there is SO very much to do! The kids had a blast running around and playing. And Mum and I had a great time too!

The Playground there is one of the best in Whangarei

The sculptures and other features around the place are really amazing. Since they are doing a big revamp there were lots of new things to look at too.

The day was so stunning of course we HAD to have ice cream!!!

What an amazing day! And we were all so very tired both my kids and I slept like logs that night!!

Bring on Summer and lots more days like this one!!!


Leonie said...

Love!!! what an awesome day and hasnt this weekend's weather been amazing!

jacksta said...

lovely :)

Cat said...

What a lovely post .. .. .. Whangarei Town Basin ROCKS!! !!
I feel a need for a linky here - I heart my hometown -

Devour the words said...

What an awesome day.. loving miss Nadia on your blog..

mandyb said...

cute pics!!!! i cant wait for summer either!!!!!!!

ps cute nephew pics with his adward!!!!

Nadia said...

Look at that, I am in your blog! <3 Love you. xxw