Monday, August 22, 2011

I {Heart} Whangarei

It's been a while since I did one of these posts! (See HERE and HERE) Winter seems to make me wanna stay inside by the heater!! I wonder why hehehe!! But Spring is just around the corner and the last few days the sun has been shining and totally lifting my spirits!

Yesterday Mum, Dad the Kids and I all drove out to Tutukaka. We went to Pacific Bay which was my 2nd home when I was growing up. This was the bay where we had our boat moored and I learnt to swim in this bay! It's an awesome little swimming beach because the water is lovely and calm. Although the main beach is stony you can walk around the rocks to a little white sandy beach. This beach has so many awesome memories for me and my family! The kids had a real blast running up and down the beach, looking for shells, throwing stones in the water and even going for a little paddle. We even found a HUGE fallen tree to climb on and some swings! It was a really awesome day out and certainly blew away a lot of my cobwebs!

Here is my list of places still to visit ... here's hoping the weather stays as stunning as this and we can cross a few more places off the list soon!

* Mount Parihaka - we have been here a few times but I haven't got many photos, gotta get the photos!!
* Abbey Caves
* Ocean Beach
* Sandy Bay
* Whale Bay
* The Quarry
* Ruakaka Beach
* The Whangarei Falls (with Riley for photos!)
* The Quarry Gardens (same as above!)
* Town Basin (again been but want more photos)
* Heritage Park
* The Observatory
* Hikurangi Lime Rocks
* Ruakaka Refinery Visitors Centre
* Waipu
* Clapham Clocks
* Riverside Reserve
* Laurie Hall Park
* Limestone Island
* Captain Percy River Cruise

How many places have you been in your home town?


Leonie said...

you better come to Waipu very VERY soon my dear!!! Lol
I love Tutakaka too! northland has the most amazing beaches.

Cat said...

Okay so I've done these ones
It does help that both my parents grew up in Whangarei and I lived in Hikurangi (for 6 weeks) and owned a home there up until 3 years ago. And of course my childhood bestie lives in Kamo so I've been up to Whangarei a bit in my time.

* The Quarry
* Ruakaka Beach
* The Whangarei Falls
* The Quarry Gardens
* Town Basin
* Hikurangi Lime Rocks
* Ruakaka Refinery Visitors Centre
* Waipu

Now to do a list of my home town places to visit hmmmmm - I can think of a few that I haven't done yet that I must!

Anonymous said...

Whangarei sounds great!

We've got a long way to go before we've explored every nook and cranny of our hometown - its still new to us (I didnt even know about the Mediterranean and that was 1 road away from home)

Leonie said...

oops, big fail by me, I didnt answer the question!
Done Mt Parihaka
Ocean Beach
Sandy bay (a lot!)
Whale bay
The Quarry(mum has a studio at the quarry)
Waipu = check hehe
town basin
heritage park
laurie hall
kids did limestone island for school recently.
Oh and LOVE smugglers cover too.
back in Brisbane I will do a list there and start checking them off.

Jenny said...

When we first got to NZ, we didn't have very much money. That meant that we found lots of free stuff to do in and around Wellington so I can say we've seen a fair bit

Sima J said...

Hmm I haven't done the river cruise or the observatory - but done everything else on that list .. should have seeing as I've lived here for most of my life!