Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ok I am officially back at work full-time, so not so much time to scrap, or do anything to be honest!! I get home usually eat dinner play with the kids briefly then we get into the bath and bed routine. By the time all that is over I'm ready to vegitate. Usually here on the computer, not often at my table crafting. So last night I decided I needed to do something about it! It's wrong not to be doing some sort of scrapping everyday!! I have an hour lunch break. So last night before bed I packed up stuff in a box and worked on altering a tin for a friend! It was great! I usually just sit in the staff room at lunch time either chatting or reading old womens mags. Now I have a crafting hour! Tomorrow I'm going to work on Abbey's birthday invites. They need to be done like ... YESTERDAY! I finally made a decision as to how I'm going to do them! About time!!! Now it's figuring out how many I need to make! So hopefully I will have some stuff to show off soon!!

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Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

Wow! How very organised of u! & what a good use of your lunch time. (Danice's friend, we met a NZ Scrap on night)