Monday, July 21, 2008

I love my Husband

Some of you will know Jason was away for 5 days down in Hastings having his final Corrections Officer interview (we are still waiting to hear the results from this!) Well I missed him alot, and I think he missed me too! When he got home we went shopping and he let me buy a stamp set for $55, now it was 30% off, so ordanarily it would have been more, but ordanarily he also wouldn't have let me buy things so expensive!!! But OMG it was sooo worth it see --------->
I love that they come with their own little stand thingy, they totally rock and I can't wait to rip 'em out and use them on my next LO ... speaking of LO's here is one I did today
It's the first time I've used paint on a LO and I really enjoyed it!! I made the MUD letters from corrogated cardboard and then painted them. Lots of painty fun today!! And I added a hidden Journalling tag, just for Nicola! I am not a big fan of journalling!!! Onto the next one .....

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Nic said...

oh yay Jase!! wicked stamps babe - cant wait to see some of your work with them!