Friday, July 11, 2008


Well this week our yearly WFF money came through YAY!!!! So there has been a bit of surplus money at our house at the moment, what a blessing!! The nicest thing was I arrived home from work on Tuesday to find my husband had kindly gone out and purchased me a Cuttlebug! He's a sweetheart! He knew I wanted one, I've talked about them and told him it would be lovely to have one, but the poor darling had NO IDEA what one was. So of course he had no idea they needed dies. So I have a Cuttlebug but nothing to use with it .... YET!! I am going to hopefully go shopping soon and choose a couple of dies, I have my eye on a lovely butterfly one which would come in handy for Abbey's birthday party. I'll have to keep looking on Trade Me to see if I can get a bargin. I'm also hoping someone somewhere who sells them is going to have a sale real soon!!

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Nic said...

Awww Yay Jase!!! watch the warehouse/warehouse stationery for good prices on dies - as well as brodiesmum and mazjeff on Trademe