Friday, July 4, 2008

Finally Finished

the first one of Abbey's Birthday invites ...

Danice doesn't like the butterfly body on the outside of the card, I agree with her, it's messy and ugly, but I'm sorry Danice I can't be bothered changing it!!!! I think the reason I'm happy to leave it the way it is, is because I'm not keeping it!!! I am making a big card for all my work friends, will most likely turn out different than these smaller ones, maybe even measure up to Danice's standards!!!
In saying that I do VERY much appreciate your honestly in telling me you didn't like it! We can only learn by people telling us where we are going wrong! So please don't be afraid to tell someone the honest truth about something!!!


Mummy LOL said...

Hi Tracey
Love the butterfly, it looks gorgeous.
Thanks for your support too, I do appreciate it


Danice said...

its still an awesome invite! well done Tracy, and remember this is only the first birthday one.. hahaha lots and lots more to come!

Nic said...

wait till you have to do a "Hannah Montana" or "High School Musical" one LOL the butterfly will be wished for all over again!