Friday, August 9, 2013

Renovation Slump

I haven't talked or shared much about what is happening at my house due to a secret sorta project that I am hoping to share with you soon.
I am right in the middle of major house renovations.
I have builders here re-doing my two bathrooms, and they are also fixing some major leaking issues.
I am in the process of re-decorating the kids bedrooms and playroom, actually I am slowly getting around the whole house room by room.

The house is CHAOS and that is me being polite. When I am in the crazed decorating mode that is pretty much all I do for days. I make sure the kids are fed and that they have clean clothes and that is it, my housework is neglected and the place becomes a mess.
Last weekend I spent 4 straight days working on my daughters bedroom. Sanding walls, filling holes, painting, wallpapering, putting up curtain rails and curtains, it was a massive weekend.

It's hard, really hard. I am here on my own doing everything by myself. My Mum is amazing, she helps out a lot. She is my mentor and motivator.  But otherwise I am on my own.

I have a lot to do.
I am a solo-Mum, a cat owner, a cook, cleaner, housekeeper, shop-owner, renovator, scout & pippins volunteer, taxi, school volunteer, shopper, crafter, I'm sure I have forgotten other things.

It's crazy that I do ALL that and I still look around my house and feel like I am failing because the place is a mess.

Why is it I put so much pressure on myself to have everything perfect and to do so much with my day?
Why do I feel guilty every time I put my feet up and watch TV?

Where does the expectation come from?

I feel like I need to sit back and look at what I HAVE achieved rather than the things I haven't managed to do. I NEED to take time out for myself and my kids.
And as read others blogs and facebook status updates and talk to friends I realise I am NOT the only one who struggles to keep my house in order, and lots of those people aren't doing it on their own.

I need to be more proud of what I am doing and stop trying to live up to impossible expectations.

Food For Thought really.


That'll do said...

Aren't you silly? You do so much and yet you still feel like it isn't enough. Well... I think that's pretty normal indeed. Just so you know, when I hear about all you do with your days, I feel quite lazy in comparison! I don't see the messy parts of your house - you should see yourself through facebook's eyes! I also don't really see the point in housework most of the time. It seems like a terrible waste of time and energy.

Sima J said...

YES you ARE amazing!! xo (and don't feel bad about having time out - if anything it will help you work better later!) ;-)

Miriam said...

There's a reason rest is in the 10 commandments. We need it.! See those TV times as investments in sanity. X sounds like you are doing an amazing amount xx

mandyb said...

yip!!! i am with you!!!
and i have no kids!!!!
or no shop!!
and aint renovating!!!

when i get home from such long hours at work i cant be bothered cleaning or even exercising.... hopefully with summer coming the longer days and warmth of the sun will give me so OMMMPPHHH to actually do something!!!

may summer be the same for you!!! time to sit back with a cold drink...and reflect on all the goodness you have and have achieved with your own hands!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxx arohanui xxxxxxxxx

Julia said...

No..defimitely not the only woman in this world that struggles to keep her home in order the kids tidy and take a bit every now and again. Or is that keep the kids in order and the home tidy? LOL!

Julia said...

Man...that doesn't even make sense. Haha!

Cat said...

Don't forget to stop and smell the paint drying my love