Thursday, August 22, 2013


You know some days I get overwhelmed with my loneliness.
I have been on my own for 3 years and 3 months.

Before Jason came into my life I had flatmates, before that I lived at home with my family. I have never just lived on my own. The kids are here but as much as I love their company I crave that person I can download my day to. Talk about little things to that I wouldn't talk to my kids about.

The thought had crossed my mind about getting a flatmate. But that in itself causes issues. What if that person doesn't fit into our lifestyle. I won't be able to walk from the bathroom to my bedroom with no clothes on anymore. Our open door policy would have to change. But would it be worth doing to not be so lonely?

Then we get into the scary topic of relationships. Am I ready to begin a journey of finding someone new to share my life with? And how on earth do I even begin in that realm!?!?!?

Everything is so scary.
And by scary I mean terrifying.

I know I will get over this feeling .. eventually.  Like everything you always have your good moments and your bad moments, and lately I've just been having a bad moment.

Like all storms this one will pass.


brantics said...

big hugs honey xx

Beryl said...

So understand & feel your need to off load too an adult at the end of a day. I can't send you one in the flesh but will send you warm fuzzies instead. {{{{{{{{{{warm fuzzies)))))))))))

Cat said...

xxx big love xxx
see you SOON

Leonie said...

Love to you my friend. xxx

Julia said...

I have almost lonely moments after 4 years of separation and worry what I'll do when my teens leave home and I'm all alone. I had to laugh at that "Flatmate Wanted" sign. I think I'd fit into the latter category LOL!

Julia (Whangarei)

Miriam said...

As an extrovert what you are talking about makes so much sense to me. Loneliness ( and doing blue jobs) would be so incredibly hard if I were in your situation. Sending you heaps of love xxx

mandyb said...

wowsa that is hard....mate im sorry!!!
i too have no one to talk to after my day...drives me nuts sometimes!!!

other times i am happy to come home to no one else!!! lol